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Axial Bellows
High performance Axial Bellows composed of a robust exhaust system, these are installed to reduce the vibration and noise and absorb the thermal expansion. Offered systems has the quality grade of interlock liner, collars and braid. These are extensively used to minimize the air pollution.
Double Bellows
Double Bellows are known for their anti corrosive nature which elevates their functional life. These have smooth internal wall for the longer period of time.  Offered range of cost effective equipment are used to reduce the jam up and give excellent sealing performance.
Metallic Bellows
As per the name of the category, the products offered here are designed by using the optimum grade metals as raw materials. These Metallic Bellows are known for their impeccable strength and smooth metallic finishing. These can endure high temperature and pressure.
Square Bellows
Offered Square Bellows are installed to provide the protection to the machine and tools from dust and undesirable materials. These highly efficient devices can withstand high temperature and can be availed in different configuration as per the desired need of our prime customers.
Universal Bellows
Offered Universal Bellows are widely known for their exceptional mechanical and physical properties, which enhance their durability. Due to their power of withstanding high and low temperature, these are used as a tamping hammer part in the construction of rail bed, roads, court yards, etc.
Rectangular Bellows
A wide range of Rectangular Bellows are offered in this category which are known for their easy installation and easy operational processes. These bellows have an inteact elongation length and compression length. Due to their coolant resistant nature these pair of devices act as a good shield.
PTFE Bellows
PTFE Bellows are known for their rugged construction which make them abrasion resistant in nature. Due to their robust construction, these require low maintenance. This wide range of PTFE devices are known for their coolant resistant nature and longer shelf life.
Industrial Rubber Bellows
Industrial Rubber Bellows find their applications in many industrial sectors, varying from chemical plants, cement industry, pipelines to construction furnace. These round shape rubber bellows provide the connection through flanges and also can compensate for the misalignment. In different specifications these can be obtained.
Bellow Seals
Bellow Seals are designed in a way which can withstand normal to high range of  temperature  along with enduring atmospheric pressure. Offered highly efficient devices have high precision vacuum life, in which the vacuum leak rate is determined as per the industrial parameters.
Flexible Hoses
As the name of the category suggests that Flexible Hoses are widely used for the transportation of fluids from one to another within it. At competitive rates a wide range of such flexible devices can be availed in different configuration as per the requirements.
Gimbal Bellows
In different configurations offered set of Gimbal Bellows can be availed by our prime customers. These are known for their impeccable strength and supporting nature. Offered pair of devices are widely used to absorb the angular rotation at any place in the machine.
Hinged Bellows
Hinged bellows, manufactured by SEJB, are stainless steel expansion joints designed for structure pipes. They withstand pressures from 0.6 to 2.5 MPa, with a compression capacity of 10 mm and lengths of 95 mm. Suitable for diameters ranging from 1 inch to 48 inches, they ensure smooth pipe operation in various industrial applications.
Epdm Extrusion Profiles
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) extrusion profiles are rubber-based materials known for their versatility and durability. With operating temperature ranges between -10C to 300C, they find use in sealing applications, weather stripping, and automotive components. Their extrusion technique allows for precise customization, ensuring tight seals and resilience against environmental factors, offering benefits of longevity, weather resistance, and thermal stability.
Braided Bellow
Braided bellows, such as those by SEJB, are stainless steel expansion joints for mechanical applications like structure pipes. They accommodate sizes ranging from 15NB to 6000NB, with a pressure tolerance of 2 to 25 bar and temperature resistance up to 600C. These bellows effectively absorb vibrations and thermal expansion in piping systems.

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